The Wknd Sessions

#65 Phlox

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The certainty for prog rock/psych sounds to capture listeners through their ears right through to minds is the impact bands from decades ago established. Pink Floyd may have disbanded but their significance recurs through bands that now and again hit the shore from the Prog/psych wave that the Psychedelic englishmen created. One such band that’s been keeping the prog cult of the world alive is KL based Phlox. They’ve been reviewed in Greek, Spanish, been featured on Prog Rock communities and online radio sites. Phlox exists in progressive/psychedelic rock communities championing their special interest, rarely surfacing and strives to find it’s place in Malaysia’s own music sphere.

Kebarangkalian tercetusnya perubahan dalam diri adalah tergantung kepada persekitaran/ the possibility of intrinsic change is dependent on the surrounding’, singer Hakim elaborates on their song ‘Fate’. With introverted lyricism, the appeal of Psych bands to Phlox may lie in it’s ability to take listeners within thought. Seemingly reclusive of a band, two albums but very rarely appearing at gigs, this band’s live set could perhaps could use a little more exposure. Here they are on the Wknd Sessions, for those looking for their Prog fixes now and again, in this year, or the many, many more years Progressive rock be alive and sought for the world over. Travel through their mediums, Facebook, Bandcamp and Twitter if you dig their vibe.