The Wknd Sessions

#68 Darren Ashley Band

We’ve all witnessed an abundance of emerging young music talents shaping and defining the independent music scene in KL and one that has vibrantly stood out is electro-pop virtuoso Darren Ashley. Starting his way from reality TV show, One In A Million, not only is he the drummer of alternative rock band Busco, but also an individual star in his own light. A prominent talent behind the drums and the mic, by now you most probably have familiarized yourself with the boy with the striking red hair and infectious stage persona and energy, because this talent is a hard one to miss.

As a matter of fact, I still remember the first time I watched one of Darren Ashley’s live performances that was held at Laundry Bar a couple of years ago. Fast forward a few years later and Ashley has already performed for acclaimed festivals like Rockaway, Urbanscapes, Baybeats, Raising The Bar, and countless performances in between. Said to have started composing at the young age of 12, his music revolves around electro-pop, incorporating heavy synths and effects, ultimately creating his signature spacey electronic hubbubs you would hear at most of his performances. An obvious signature of Darren’s, we can only imagine how much his kaoss pad means to him. For those on the unfamiliar side of Darren, you’ll definitely recognize his tracks like “If I Don’t Stay” and “Far Out” – a couple of his singles that skyrocketed his career. He has also collaborated with local artists including The Impatient Sisters, DJs Blink and Goldfish, Vandal, Juzzthin, and DJ H3.

If there had to be one thing quite special and different about Darren Ashley, I would say it’s the way he represents his music – by not being a genre purist. A singer-songwriter that’s constantly experimenting with different sounds to incorporate into his music, he continues to be that musician we tend to constantly keep an eye on. While we all wait for his debut album that we’re not sure whether is going to happen soon or not, follow up on Darren nonetheless to get the lowdown on the music behind the infamous red hair.

by Hazlinda Elina