The Wknd Sessions


Lugging less and rocking more, the boys in MORFEM are shedding the layers some of them have been known to experiment with before, keeping the raw necessities of rock and roll to blast out a straight up, yet so electric and energetic sound, generated with minimal care for anything else. A sound with true regard for stripped down and bare rock and roll that’s sheer attitude and energy.

Formed in 2009 by members who are each from some solid names in the Jakarta scene, MORFEM are far from a mere project band. Incepted the day after Jimi, frontman of The Upstairs, and Pandu, of The Porno, had been moshing to a band called Negative Lovers, MORFEM really is like a lovechild birthed after a rapturous time in the moshpit. And the apple doesn’t fall far from the spirit that inspired it, MORFEM exudes exactly that moshpit inducing energy. Upon hooking up with drummer Freddy and bassist Yanu, MORFEM’S played host to plenty more moshpits and probably incited many more lovechild bands that were formed from that one night in the moshpit.

Countless shows and 2 albums in, Jimi, Pandu, Freddy and Yanu know the electricity that comes from playing and performing, and are sure to always generate that essential joy and the simple pleasure which playing music ought to always give. Being able to maintain that is clever and perceptive, and is an assurance that with such cats, the Jakarta music scene will always be one that’s raw and real. Follow MORFEM and their exploits on their Facebook page.