The Wknd Sessions

#72 Sigmun

Donning bands from the eras of Woodstock to the heavy metal years of the 70s may be pretty common and perhaps not much of a rarity these days but Bandung-based quartet Sigmun does it in a way where their surrealist aesthetics and improvisation shed such a unique light on the band and really underlines their progressive and experimental sound. Driven by heavy riffs and distortion, the band elevates these traits along with the influences of heavy metal trailblazers Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Influenced not only by bands of legendary reputation, their homeland Bandung’s known cold weather in fact also plays a significant role in the band’s music in terms of its atmospheric resonance.

Fascinated by the realms of the unconscious mind and the complexities of Sigmun Freud’s intellect, Sigmun really holds that knack of being able to deliver music out of such sheer spontaneity. Having been exposed to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath in the ripe years of kindergarten, perhaps this justifies vocalist Haikal’s chants and falsettos that almost make for an uncanny resemblance to that of Robert Plant himself, almost sort of bringing you into this state of utopia with his smooth vocals and precision alongside the band’s solidarity from the heavy distortions to the emphasis of lead guitarist Jono juxtaposed to Haikal’s vocals.

With their slick artistry and approach to manifesting everything from surrealism and the notion of unconsciousness into their brand of music, these Bandung lads are doing it just right. Follow them for updates on their Facebook page here.

by Hazlinda Elina