The Wknd Sessions

#73 L’Alphalpha

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With what initially started as a duo in 2006 with just an acoustic and electric guitar to deliver whimsical storytelling music, fast forward three years later and the duo transitioned and eventually blossomed into a quirky, euphoric six-piece outfit linked to genres from post-rock to dream pop to shoegaze. Performing all over Indonesia and even having reached out to Baybeats in Singapore and Urbanscapes in Malaysia, this band’s unique demeanor is hard to miss.

Throw in the familiar Scandinavian and Icelandic post-rock influence and toy instruments, and you’ve got the basis of the Jakarta-based sextet. With their merry and charming presence both in in person and performance, L’Alphalpha makes for the perfect quirk that comes in a band with children-like inspirations that can be noticed in the band’s incorporation of toy instruments and even their overall artwork. The band’s debut album ‘When We Awake, All Dreams Are Gone’ showcases that knack and was even structured as a storytelling album.

The concept and manifestation of storytelling and dreams are what you will get with this band and if you’re into a bit of the orchestral and cinematic influenced side of music, this is your go-to band. Unique and interesting, L’Alphalpha stands out so well in how they’re able to organically mesh the euphoria that comes with vocalist Herald’s voice and the overall shoegazing that doesn’t turn out sounding artificial together with the baby toy instruments.

For more on L’Alphalpha, check out their facebook page here