The Wknd Sessions

#74 Hightime Rebellion

Formed in Jakarta, Indonesia, this electronica dance outfit has been churning out their breed of dance music since 2007, after guitarist and vocalist Rendy Surndrapati met drummer Reza Arafat at a party, which led them to asking Pulung Wahyudi and Jason Sutrisno to fill in for guitars and bass duties respectively. Eventually, they invited Aji Dimas as an additional guitarist, and Miyane Soemitro on vocals, which further anchors their brand of dance music.

Gaining early exposure and popularity, and to a certain extent, a cult following, in the club / dance music scene in Jakarta, Hightime Rebellion eventually drew a bigger audience when they hit the stage at festivals such as Nylon Music Festival (2011), Java Rockin’land (2011) and several other noteworthy showcases around Indonesia. These performances led them to a deal with influential Bandung-based record label, FFWD Records, in the same year.

Hightime Rebellion’s sound music is undeniably catchy, and hits the spot when it comes to ‘dancability’ and party-worthy, considering that the members have stated that each of their influences differs from each other.

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