The Wknd Sessions

#75 Dangerdope feat MC Eloops

Better known for its punk communities and their endless supply of 420s, Aceh, Indonesia, is also a breeding ground for a small and niche hip-hop community. Dangerdope, a project of Aceh native DJ Rencong, infuses soul, funk, jazz, drum & bass, into his brand of hip hop, while lacing his tracks with film sound bites and old Indonesian pop songs from singers such as Broery Marantika, Bob Tutupoli and many more.

Working mostly with his trusty Akai MPCs and a vinyl turntable, Dangerdope began his career in the early 2000s as a DJ for hip hop outfit, Angkatan Udara, he later went on to found DYNOMONK, a collaborative effort with fellow producer, Jedimonk.

Dangerdope is also known to perform alongside poets and spoken word artists, and infusing literary works of more vocal (social and political commentary) Indonesian writers, and his most recent work saw him producing 12 tracks that was armed with a sound archive of poetry readings by Sutardji Calzoum Bachri, a prominent Indonesian poet.

And for his performance on The Wknd Sessions, he invited his long time friend, a founding member of Angkatan Udara, MC Eloops, reading poetry by W.S Rendra among others, that talks about the social injustice and issues facing the people of Indonesia.

But to date, Dangerdope has yet to cut a proper release, favoring live performances and digital singles mostly. For more updates on his work, visit his official Facebook page or Soundcloud to hear more.