The Wknd Sessions

#76 Jirapah

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Jirapah can be considered as a relatively new band in the Indonesian music scene, but the band really kicked off when founding members, Ken Jenie and Mar Galo, were living in Brookyln, New York, in 2009, where they were actively gigging and making music.

Now back in Jakarta, Ken and Mar have enlisted Yudhis Tira (guitars) and Januar Kristianto (drums) from hardcore / punk band Vague, and Nico Gozali on bass (former drummer of psych band, Brian Slade Stardust), which has added a lot of their own stylings or personal touch to the band. With the new members in tow, Jirapah are making waves with their brand of indie rock, which infuses melodic chord changes, accessible drum beats, jangly guitars, and shimmery / spacy reverb, reminiscent of early 90s 4 track recordings.

To date, Jirapah has only released digital singles, a trend that is picking up with a lot of newer bands. However, their currently working on their debut album, and have released their first single, ‘Crowns’, to give listeners a glimpse of what to expect from the release.

For more info on Jirapah, head over to their FB page or follow them on Twitter.