The Wknd Sessions

#77 Sore

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Sore (which means ‘afternoon’ in Indonesian) is one of the most prominent bands to come out of Jakarta in the early 2000s, with a very distinctively Jakartan sound. Infusing jazz and indie pop, Sore was formed in 2002, and got everyones attention when they contributed a couple of tracks to 2 compilations that changed the indie scene landscape in Jakarta, “JKRT:SKRG” and the film “Janji Joni”, both by the renowned Aksara Records.

In 2005, Sore released their debut full length, “Centralismo”, an album that saw each band member contributing to the song-writing aspect of the release. Their debut received praise by Time Magazine Asia, as “One of Five Asian Albums Worth Buying”, and from Rolling Stones Indonesia, ranking it in as one of the “150 Greatest Indonesian Albums of All Time”.

Their relationship with films blossomed after the release, seeing that they contributed tracks to Indonesian films such as “Berbagi Suami”, “Kala” and “Perempuan Punya Cerita”, which shot them to a bigger audience and gathering mass appeal. This led them to releasing their sophomore album, “Ports of Lima”, which sees them expanding their sound and further enhance their status as one of the best bands to come out of Indonesia.

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