The Wknd Sessions

#82 Pastel Lite

Emerging in our local music scene since 2012, KL-based electronica duo has been recognized for their experimental, dark wave melodies and pulsating electronic energies. Regardless of their diverse musical penchants and different musical surroundings, Eff and Faliq finally fuse under a musical abode that conveys their aptitudes. Be it some kind of chill tunes or party beats, they never fail to keep listeners amused – with backups from Wan (guitar/synth) and Nazree (drums).

To add in the band’s resume, Pastel Lite has recently played as the opening act for Deerhoof live in KL. We couldn’t get enough of the tempting and wicked beats coming from this bold duo. If you love their music, check out their Facebook page for updates on their upcoming EP, ‘Etcetera’.

Keep your eyes and ears glued to us on The Wknd Sessions for we have more good tunes to fill you guys with!

by Farah Azahar