The Wknd Sessions

#85 Jerk Kerouac

Azzief Khaliq is the noise maker behind his moniker Jerk Kerouac. After trying out other music genres in the scene, he finally settled down with Jerk Kerouac in late 2008, indicating to produce epic drones of harsh noise. His panache in experimenting has brought him into countless projects over the past years. A member of ZDICM and an experimental improvised music project HKPT, he has also recently initiated a side project called ‘Ketindihan’ to separate his synth-heavy vein works and put aside his experiments on harsh noise only in Jerk Kerouac.

Identifying Merzbow as one of his main influences, he expresses his own context by putting forward his interest in elements of tones and textures as the highlight of his music. He has played in a number of shows locally and abroad and was also featured in some compilations. Jerk Kerouac vows himself in doing what he enjoys best – feeding noise enthusiasts with his knock out noisation.

In the interview, he shares his perspective on noise music and tells us how he started and sticks himself to this rare-finding genre in our local music scene. Also, have a listen to his head-turning mix of drones and squeaky synth in his track ‘Untitled’ brought to you by The Wknd Sessions.

by Farah Azahar