The Wknd Sessions

#86 The Cotton Field Scarecrowes

Americana folk duo The Cotton Field Scarecrowes comprises of half-brothers, Johann and Shahrhyl Sultan. It’s enthralling how they manage to lend a sense of depth to their music from the way the melodic choruses drift in at the beginning and slowly fade away at the end of each refrain. Powerful, profound lyrics blending with harmonies that build to an emotional crescendo.

In spite of how tricky minimalism is to get across without losing its depth, their debut album released in 2013 ‘Dancing Hymns and Broken Rhymes’ has that restrained approach to instrumentation which strengthens the lyrical themes being explored, as a result this artistic effort proven to have ‘seen the light’. All elements of their tracks are masterfully produced to create imagery entrenched, heart-rending songs while maintaining the warmth and emotion despite the darker, sullen undertones.

Their songs display such a perfect balance of emotional honesty and musical ingenuity. The Cotton Field Scarecrowes has done it so well and these guys continue to captivate us with how great they carry that flame.

by Izyan Liyana