The Wknd Sessions

#87 NAO

From political punk rock beginnings, NAO’s frontman Tatmo then directed his attention into forming NAO – a three piece instrumental activistic movement. The band now consisting of Teng who plays on bass and Ian on drums have just recently released ‘I Had Enough Time To Be Disappointed Again’, a generous 8-track collection from the many years spent together. This is their 1st full-length album together as a trio which from what we can tell, is a ballsy step forward.

Nao’s psychedelic experiments which are coupled with a mix of various forms of metal gives them an unmistakable stand out sound, the kind you’ll immediately recognize when you hear. In our interview here with them, we jog through their early days performing outside the Malaysian circuit and why they’ve still kept a firm believe in what they stand for they had always made their views on political and social issues very clear from the get go.

With Ian currently still recovering from a serious injury, we can only hope for a speedy recovery in anticipation for their next show but in the meantime, check out their live session with us featuring songs from the new album.

by Mark Joshua