The Wknd Sessions

#89 Memorial

“These guys sound manic!” I thought. A little heavier on the hardcore punk side than the usual kind I would listen to, though, it’s amazing when Memorial tries to add a more dynamic range and ferocity to their sound into the stagnant local hardcore/punk scene and yet knows how to firmly stay grounded. The rhythmically tightened, well-tuned vocals evident in their demo release of ‘Abandoned’ and 8-track EP ‘Growth.Love.Memories’ has since made them a full-fledged powerviolence act in the scene.

Having done several tours, it should not come as much of a surprise that this band has veered away from the typical adolescent hardcore punk sounds we normally hear instead, crafting music fueled with abrasive guitars, explosive drumming and thunderous basslines. Memorial offers an overall powerful and energetic performance so brace yourself for the beguiling sense of anguish, velocity and passionate scream as we pick this band to end our ninth season of The Wknd Sessions. Time to awaken your soul and quiver your spine. You’re welcome.

by Izyan Liyana