The Wknd Sessions

#95 Molly Dolly

A six-piece britpop band with rock ‘n roll leanings, Molly Dolly started in 2008 and have been in the Ipoh music scene since then, growing up through the scene’s formative years.

They’ve seen their music being gradually accepted over the years, partially through more matured audience tastes and mainly through more listeners’ exposure to¬†different forms of music. And in a way, as the scene grew, so did the band. From playing small gigs in and around Ipoh, they’ve managed to venture to pastures new – with some shows in KL, where they’ve seen a bigger crowd and bigger appreciation for their craft.

Molly Dolly has stayed true to their music though. Proudly carrying the britpop flag, the band has a unique stage presence and a charm all their own – their swagger, style and moves sets them aside from others. And their songs project an earnestness that’s at once relatable and infectious.

With a new EP in the works, and a music video being planned, Molly Dolly has their sights dead set on going big in 2016.

Check out their exclusive interview on The Wknd Sessions Live: