The Wknd Sessions

#96 SOFT

SOFT the band, is anything but. If you ever attend one of their shows, be prepared to have your body shaken to the bone – they put together one brutal assault of music, a sonic wall that slams right up to your face and knocks you out.

(when we recorded them at Insider Satellite, the walls of the building were shaking. Literally. True story.)

Their brand of music – or “soft loud gaze”, as the band puts it – purposefully crafts an ambient, moody and darker mix than your typical shoegaze artist. Layers of guitars – the band has three guitarists – interweave to create a superposition of sound that lends a significant heft and weight to their music. They create a sonic landscape that they hope will make the listener think about noise as something that can also be mesmerizing in its sheer intensity.

SOFT’s music, we feel, is something that you have to experience live to get a full appreciation of. No two ways about it.

Check out their exclusive interview on The Wknd Sessions Live, where the band talks more about their efforts to push the envelope and bring up the Ipoh music scene: