The Wknd Sessions

#97 Muck

The legend of Muck began in 1995.

Yes, they’ve been around that long: TWENTY years! And we at The Wknd are definitely guilty of not documenting them earlier. But, as they say, better late than never – and in Muck’s case, we think they’ve just gotten better with age.

There’s so many factoids around Muck that make them legendary:

  • the same four guys – Myo, Ducktoi, Kujoy and Feroz – have managed to stick together this long, playing in the same band, carrying the same alt-indie-rock flag for all these years;
  • they’ve only released two demo tapes and an EP, but have played at major festivals like Baybeats, Rock The World, Sunburst, Urbanscape and Rockaway;
  • it’s taken them 18 years to finally put out a proper album;
  • they always pull a huge, animated and vociferous crowd;
  • Ducktoi can play guitar while crowdsurfing;
  • $1 mail-order catalogs had a part to play in the formation of Muck.

There’s been many articles written about them – Muck’s been featured in The Malay Mail, and gotten rave reviews in Indonesia’s Ripple Magazine and Deathrockstar among others, with phrases like memorable, lo-fibrave, pioneering, energetic, and spirited repeated often.

And we’ve always admired that lo-fi aesthetic in their music, which still manages to retain a melodic appeal. This combo makes them feel authentic, lovable and down-to-earth, and perhaps might be one of the reasons that endears them to both their loyal fans and first-time listeners. Some may even say that it’s the “sound” of Ipoh.

Whatever the case may be, they definitely look set to stick around for a while. Their debut album’s due out very soon, with music both old and new, and we’re hopeful for another twenty years of memorable, brave, pioneering, energetic, spirited lo-fi music from Muck.

Check out their exclusive interview on The Wknd Sessions where they talk about their history, Ipoh’s music scene and what’s in their future plans: