The Wknd Sessions

#98 Juno and Hanna

There’s nothing new about bands reinventing themselves. Some go the music route – starting out in one genre and ending up in another before achieving popularity and traction. It’s the same for Juno and Hanna – but for them, it’s a journey where family ties remain strong.

Starting out as Juno Hanna, a band comprising of family members and close friends, they’ve streamlined into the similar-sounding-but-slightly-different moniker of Juno and Hanna. They now perform as a brother-sister duo, with elder brother Hanif handling the guitar and younger sister Hanna on synthesizers, and share vocal duties.

Interestingly – the “Juno” part of their name is a reference to the legendary Roland keyboard – and somewhat alludes to the music they make. Crafting a minimalist sound that’s moody and brooding, Juno and Hanna weaves between pop, dream-pop and electronica – with Hanna’s lilting vocals becoming a focal part of their music.

The band has gotten a good amount of exposure of late, with their songs being spun on Singaporean airwaves, and they’ve had the good fortune to open for Postiljonen during their tour in Singapore.

With a couple of new songs in the works, Juno and Hanna plan to release more singles – possibly through their Soundcloud page – and are planning out more big things to come in their near future.

Check out our exclusive interview with them, and see what makes them tick: