The Wknd Sessions

#41 Free Deserters

Reminding us of those times when catchy tunes still had a bit of edge to it and indie was without question rock music, Free Deserters are a band that does not compromise the true spirit of rock n roll with fashionable genre identifications. And although the name’s changed a little (from Deserters to Free Deserters), neither are they a band that confuses their passion for music with any sort of superficiality.

Sounding real solid and moving steadier than ever with the current lineup of Brendan Teh, who assaults his guitar with full passion, former O.A.G. and Lang Mang bassist Eric Wong, Ari Bachtil on drums and band founder Zac Yusof on guitar and vocals, things are looking real well for Free Deserters who have so far released a mini album (the recent ‘Free Deserters’), a single, an Ep and even a recent tour to the U.K. where they played venues around London including a festival in the counter culturists’ Camden Town.

Don’t forget to checkout their bandcamp where all their music are available for download and their FB page for gig updates.