The Wknd Sessions

#114 Gerhana Skacinta

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Gerhana Skacinta is a Malaysian ska / rocksteady / reggae & dub band. They emerged from the ska revival scene that happened in Malaysia in the late 1990s. And they’re one of the few “underground” bands that have successfully crossed over to the mainstream over the years.

Read on to find out more about this storied band, and what drives them forward.

Note: The first Gerhana Skacinta video comes out on 26th April 2019. Second video will be released on Monday (29th April). And the final video on Wednesday (1st May). All at 3pm!

Gerhana Skacinta: 20 years of music

We asked the band what’s it like to have been working on their craft throughout the years.

“It’s been kind of like a marriage, with its ups and downs. Like a rollercoaster!”

The band admits that they never expected the band to keep going strong throughout the years. In spite of the many challenges – personnel changes, of life itself, priorities – they’ve gone through, one thing that remains consistent is their view on their music.

While the “third wave of ska” brought with it many new genres and styles, Gerhana Skacinta has chosen to remain on a more traditional path. This is perhaps what gives the band and their music output a “timeless” quality. And perhaps the key to their staying power.

Mainstream acceptance

Ska music is often associated with the punk scene; we asked the band how they felt to have their music gain wider acceptance.

We’re really thankful and honored.

The band admits to feeling happy that people of all ages can listen to their music. There’s a bit of something for both young and old to enjoy. And being able to reach out to the “veteran” listeners as well as new blood gives Gerhana Skacinta a sense of pride.

In part, there’s this feeling of “doing something for the cause”. Particularly about how they’ve successfully introduced an original style of ska to their followers and to the public at large.

How to keep going.

With their personnel like Edy, Bakri and Widy who are veterans of the Malaysian music scene, we asked Gerhana Skacinta to give some words of advice to new bands just starting out.

The band admits that keeping a group alive takes a lot of hard work. Patience, compromise, a give-and-take approach: these are all super important if you want to go the distance.

“It’s also important to be transparent with each other”, Widy adds. “Talk things out and don’t keep things to yourself. Communicate clearly with each other, and it definitely will help.”

Edy also advocates for bands to remain true to themselves. “Be honest in what you’re doing”, he says. “Don’t do it for the wrong reasons, don’t chase the glamour (and girls!)”. And to do it because it’s something that you love.

Watch our exclusive interview with Gerhana Skacinta, and find out what all bands can learn from this legendary group:

You can check out the band on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and other digital channels – just search for The Wknd Sessions Ep. 114 on your favorite stores!