The Wknd Sessions

#112 LUST

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LUST is a Malaysian post-punk / rock / pop band. Made up of Faris (guitar), Azfar (guitar) and Anaqi (bass), the trio first came to our attention with their debut EP chingichanga. And as we reported recently, they’ve made great strides since then.

Read on to find out about their distinct sound, and what drives them forward.

Note: The first LUST video comes out on 12th April 2019. Second video will be released on Monday (15th of April). And the final video on Wednesday (17th of April). All at 3pm!

LUST: part of a brotherhood

We noticed that the LUST boys play in a group of other bands, and we asked them to elaborate a little about it.

“I play with Azfar’s [other band] Orang, and also in Golden Mammoth”, says Faris. The former is a electronica-based, while the latter is a funk-and-jam band. And while it cuts across two completely different music genres, Faris admits that it’s fun to play in those different bands. “We get to expand our musicality a bit.”

“The reason we’re almost like a “gang”.. is our attitude towards music. We’re all kind of like DIY bands.”

We do notice that all these bands form a close-knit group, a “mini scene” of sorts. They all have a shared DIY approach to making and playing music: the bands self-record and self-produce their own material. And this is the common bond that keeps the groups together.

Whether or not LUST realizes, we think this inter-mingling of sounds and genres does make its way into their final product. Which, in our opinion, could be the reason the band can transition between styles as smoothly as they do.

Of keeping everything separate

As the members of LUST are actively involved in other bands (and their own solo acts!), we asked them about their approach to songwriting.

Both Faris and Azfar confess to using different music-making methods, in order to keep things separate.

“When I take out my sampler, it’s going to be an Orang song. When I come up with a guitar-based melody, it’s for LUST.” — Azfar

While Azfar’s approach is tool-based, Faris’ takes a slightly different route. He treats LUST as an entity with a distinct personality and style, which was cemented during the making of the chingichanga EP. Consequently, it makes it easy for him to know what the band needs to sound like.

The space in between

We asked the band about how they’ve evolved after releasing their first EP three years ago.

“We [LUST] is definitely a different beast now.”

While their approach to music and songwriting for LUST is the same, the influences behind the music and the overall sound has evolved. The band attributes this to the fact that their music taste have expanded since then. And it’s allowed them to add new ingredients in order to come up with new material for the Tekesima album.

Part of that evolution also came about due to the many shows they played in support of the chingichanga release. “We did a tour (locally), and we played Indonesia,” says Faris. “Seven shows in seven days (in Indonesia)!”

Watch our exclusive interview with LUST, and find out what’s in store in their near future:

You can check out the band on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and other digital channels – just search for The Wknd Sessions Ep. 112 on your favorite stores!