The Wknd Sessions

#63 The Fridays

People brand some bands “slacker”. Is that really a type of sound? most of the bands thrown into that categorization I know seems pretty damn sharp to me, visibly rejecting the superficial ideas of being, or rather, being accomplished. “I’ll never be that trendy”, from their song, ‘Wondermilk’, “Don’t wanna work on Sunday” in ‘Sundae’, “Don’t wanna be responsible”, in ‘Responsible’, The Fridays also embody that special class of people who are aware of how silly your typical, common, urban pursuit actually is. All without being too radical, but rather simply and easy.

“The unsung heroes of local indie-pop; literate, witty, robust great songs. Crafty kids who understand the word ‘songsmithery'” Joe Kidd applauded. The Fridays have got it down. They’re loyal fans of The Smiths these boys, but sees no sense in mimicking them. Instead, their sound is reminiscent of bands like The Lemonheads, or perhaps other bands that admired Moz’s writings accompanied by Marr and the band, that also knew better than to replicate classic acts. Similarly though, these boys too have got charm, but a much more inelaborate one. Like characters out of Kevin Smith’s ‘Mallrats’, but with Ampang Point as their preferred hole, or perhaps jamming studios, hanging out well beyond the hours they’d paid for. Anywhere but Pavillion, they’d say.

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Written by Azam Hisham