The Wknd Sessions

#80 The Venopian Solitude

Soulful, free-spirited individuals are often being pursued. We flock to them as they radiate feel-good chemicals and positive energy which is why we believe it’s only right to kick start our ninth season of The Wknd Sessions with such exciting approach by having The Venopian Solitude crooning their way onto the list.

The Venopian Solitude whose sole member is quirky local bedroom songstress Suiko Takahara (pseudonym), aligns perfectly with the custom in which musicians seek original and distinctive sounds to serve as the framework for exceptional musical work. Suiko is linked with anti-folk as her perceived musical style; settling in a rebellious ground that is loose and intricate to define at the same time encompassing songs that are raw, honest, and unrelenting that work almost seamlessly.

She utilizes her music as an emotional outlet which explains the poetic harmonies, soul-singing, fiddles and rants evident in the music that makes it wholly endearing in its own right. Creatively dedicated to keeping her work accessible on the web and has continued to maintain autonomy when it comes to writing and composing music, her exemplary songwriting crafts a particular sound that boasts an improvised, dynamic touch along with catchy string parts which inject vibrancy into the music.

The recent release of TVS’ eight-track debut album, ‘Hikayat Perawan Majnun’ certainly indicates the culmination of the band’s creative development. The album is effortless and lethargic and the hoedown melodies and pulsating beat can somehow encapsulate that rebel-rousing feeling – pushing the envelope to create more original music that all of us can (hopefully) appreciate.

by Izyan Liyana