TWSLive #2 band profile – Ramayan

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Ramayan is one the bands appearing on The Wknd Sessions Live #2 – happening on 08-August-2015 in Slate at The Row, Kuala Lumpur.


A relatively young band, Ramayan was formed circa 2014 by a group of friends Syafi’e, Amin, Omar, Nadz and Que. Word on the street is that this Sungai Buloh-basd band is making some really great music – but are still flying under the radar at the moment.

Being relative unknowns would typically make for an intimidating challenge to gain traction in the music scene. But Ramayan seems capable of forging ahead, and have been touring and gigging extensively. To date, they’ve racked up a couple of shows in the legendary Pennylane Studios. They’ve recently performed at the Time For Heroes gig in Johor Bahru and also at the Festival Belia Putrajaya in May.

From their Facebook page, it looks like Ramayan is in the midst of recording their debut EP in the historic Luncai Emas studios – and we’re really looking forward to the record!

To learn more about the band, reach out to them here:

Written by one of The Wknd's team members.