The Wknd Mixtape #05 – +2dB / Rivers

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To start, we would like to thank The Wknd for having us for this round. Our selection encompasses music from the region which we’ve come to really dig, largely due to how they sound and seem to meld into each other. Time and time again we find that music is indeed a language on its own, and it’s great to find that the following tracks from a diverse set of artists from different countries could complement each other so beautifully and effortlessly.

Putting together this list is has been fun, and we definitely seized the opportunity to bring our favourites into the spotlight. We hope you’ll discover some interesting gems on this journey through the region with us. Enjoy!

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  • Idola Fori – Lore
  • Similarobjects – Azure Dreaming
  • Ssighborggg feat. Luna – Time Eater (Gold Panda Recover)
  • .gif – Godspeed
  • Juno and Hanna – Air
  • Jocelyn Stemilyn feat. Dae Kim – Pedicure
  • Hello Nico – 花
  • Evanturetime, Linying feat. Charlie Lim – Vultures

The Wknd Mixtape is a bi-monthly series of mixtapes with tracks selected by either the Wknd team or outside contributors and put together by Rivers.