The Wknd Sessions Podcast #03 – New Music and New Discoveries

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The third episode of The Wknd Sessions Podcast introduces a new, recurring format: new music and new discoveries. We’ll be running an episode like this once every four episodes (which equates to once every two months or so). This week, Azzief, James and Fikri brought some jams to the table, from the funk of Lukarts to the dreampop feels of Hariguem Zaboy to the inimitable sounds of the one and only Adam Kasturi.

Lukarts – Mata Hari
SynthPunk – VTR-Speedrun
rey/rey – Grind Your Teeth
The Erawan Band – Khon Muangkhan
Hariguem Zaboy – Anybody Feels
Adam Kasturi – Killa Eyez