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Bunohan In Theatres 8th March 2012

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Local cinephiles have been blessed with plenty of highly anticipated films since the end of 2011. And on March 8th, the impacting glimpses seen in the trailer of Bunohan will no longer tease cinemagoers as the film will be released in cinemas on that date, allowing eager film passionates to finally see the full film.

Written and directed by Dain Said, the director who directed the unreleased (due to controversial legal matters) and highly revered (only by insiders, sadly) ‘Dukun’, Bunohan would perhaps be the answer to how important the director is in Malaysia’s filmmaking credibility since his debut film was much hyped but only to no public regard. This 8th of March would mean the official debut of the director’s talents to the public. Here’s the making of the film that’s already been screened internationally at film festivals under the international title ‘Return To Murder’.