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Wknd Watch: Attack The Block

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Every once in a while, amidst all the Guy Ritchie and Richard Curtis wannabe films, comes a refreshing new take on a well-worn Hollywood or B-movie genre from the UK. Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz did the trick for zom-coms and buddy cop movies, Kick-Ass was a standout superhero movie last year, and this year sees some new life breathed into the siege thriller genre once perfected by John Carpenter in films like Assault On Precinct 13 and Escape From New York in the form of this hoodies vs. aliens film called “Attack The Block”.

Surprisingly arriving quite early in Malaysian cinemas (British films almost never make it here), this is a thrilling and fun watch, despite the sometimes uncompromisingly thick British accents. And the aliens’ character design (some kind of gorilla-werewolf motherf***er, as the kids in the movie call ’em) is strangely beautiful. Directed by Joe Cornish, formerly of the Adam & Joe Show on British television, this exciting debut points to a bright future indeed for the young director. Check out the trailer below, and make sure you catch the film in the cinemas ‘aight?