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Wknd Watch: Dream Home

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Gore hounds out there take note. While The Human Centipede promised so much yet delivered so little in terms of blood and guts earlier this year, this latest film from Pang Ho Cheung (who did You Shoot I Shoot, AV and this year’s standout romantic drama Love In A Puff) is a delightfully gory surprise, and should satisfy even the most hardcore of bloodhounds.

A slasher movie about Hong Kong’s insane property prices and the lengths some people might go to so that they can purchase their dream home, the movie features some seriously extreme bloodletting and killings, which is something that you’d probably never expect out of a HK movie, and which is of course what makes it very cool and an absolute must-see! It also probably explains the unusual (but thoroughly deserved) amount of interest that the film’s been getting from the West (it’s out in UK theatres last month). It’s out on DVD now in Hong Kong, so of course you’ll know how and where to get it. Watch the trailer below.