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Wknd Watch: Let Me In

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Hollywood horror remakes are as inevitable as breathing, especially in the last few years. First came the flurry of J-Horror and K-Horror remakes (The Ring, Pulse, The Grudge, The Uninvited etc), and when that well dried up it was turn for classic 70s horror remakes (Last House On The Left, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes etc), and almost all of them went nowhere near catching the magic of the originals. When we first heard that Let The Right One In, a 2008 Swedish film that we loved immensely, was getting the Hollywood remake treatment, we weren’t expecting much at all.

Let Me In poster
Poster for the original Swedish movie, Let The Right One In

Which is why we’re more than pleasantly surprised to report that the remake, Let Me In, offers up the same kind pleasures that we had when watching the original, which is no easy feat. Starring Hit Girl from Kickass, there are some additions that didn’t work (like the J-Horror like moves of the vampire kid), but aside from that, it’s a movie that’s totally worth your time and money, especially on the big screen (it’s playing in Malaysian cinemas now). So what are you waiting for? Catch it before it ends its run here. Check out the trailer below: