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Wknd Watch: Norwegian Ninja

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Scandinavia seems to be the new hotbed for cult films nowadays, with The Troll Hunter making its mark earlier this year and Dead Snow about a year or 2 back and also the upcoming Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale DVD release set to further excite all the fanboys out there. When we first saw the trailer for Norwegian Ninja a year ago, we simply expected an ironic take on the whole 80s Ninja movie phenomenon, but when we finally got to see it on DVD we were basically blown away by its delightful blend of ironic and cheesy tribute to the aforementioned 80s Ninja movie and fastidious Wes Anderson-style arthouse mise en scene.

A creative re-imagining of what the writer-director thought actually happened in the notorious real-life Arne Treholt spy/treason case, the film argues that Treholt, convicted for treason for being a spy for the KGB during the Cold War era, was actually a master Ninja and a true Norwegian patriot who saved Norway during the Cold War. How all this unfolds we’ll leave it for you to find out in the movie. Watch the trailer below.