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Wknd Watch: Revenge – A Love Story

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No matter what prejudices you may have against Hong Kong cinema, there’s no denying that they’ve always managed to come up with some pretty interesting and out of the box movies every year. The trick is only knowing how and where to look. Produced by the same company that did last year’s ultra-violent gorefest “Dream Home”, this new film from young director to watch Wong Ching Po (who did the gorgeous gangster saga “Jiang Hu”) is a vicious revenge movie that will remind you of its Korean counterparts like “Old Boy” and “Bedevilled”, even if it’s still way less gory than the bloodbath that was “Dream Home” .

Starring HK pop singer Juno Mak (who also wrote the story) and Japanese AV superstar Sola Aoi and told in non-linear fashion, this is a refreshing and powerfully emotional tale of love and revenge, and the less you know about the plot, the better your experience will be. It’s recently out on DVD,  so we’re sure you’ll know where and how to find it. Check out the trailer below, and do hunt the movie down afterwards.