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Wknd Watch: Wild Target

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This has been a pretty decent year for film remakes, with the Death At A Funeral remake arguably being a lot funnier than the original, Dinner For Schmucks adding a few more shades of humanity (although sometimes a lot less funny) compared to the French original Le Diner De Cons, and the upcoming Let Me In already getting quite favourable reviews, which must account for something considering the supreme quality of its original, Let The Right One In.

Poster for the 2010 remake
Poster for the original 1993 film

Being big fans of the original French film of the same title from 1993, we’re very pleasantly surprised to report that this British remake of Wild Target, starring Bill Nighy (that funny old guy from those Richard Curtis movies), Emily Blunt and Rupert Grint (aka Ron Weasley), is just as delightfully funny as the original. A farcical comedy about an assassin who failed to kill his intended target, thus becoming a target himself, the film is chock full of droll and very dry killer jokes which will have you chuckling and laughing out loud all the way till the end.

Watch the trailer below. Although the movie never made it to Malaysian cinemas, we’ve noticed that it’s recently available from you-know-where. So look it up and enjoy!