The Wknd Mixtape #08 – Endee / Rivers

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I chose these songs because of their infectious vibration which will make you feel really good depending on the situation.
–Endee Ahmad

This week Endee Ahmad of FTP (Feel Tu Penting) gives us a taste of his favourite regional tunes to vibe to.


  • Butterfingers – Pacific
  • PureVibracion -Pesan Nenek
  • Amir Jahari – Penghibur Jalanan
  • Zee Avi – Siboh Kitak Nangis
  • Brian Gomez -Racist
  • M. Nasir – Bonda
  • United Kids of OI! – Angkat Balit

The Wknd Mixtape is a bi-monthly series of mixtapes with tracks selected by either the Wknd team or outside contributors and put together by Rivers.