The Wknd Sessions


If there’s anything you need to know about him is that Mustaqim Arifin is pretty damn good at what he does. A multi-genre producer straight from Batu Caves, you can’t quite put your finger on his sound which stands out from that standard cookie-cutter form. The hardworking chap has immersed himself in music for the past 16 years and shows no signs of slowing down while actually seemingly able to work and produce on multiple levels all on his own.

He also heads AKHYLA, a leading company that’s bringing in more upcoming artist of sorts, while also providing a more formal behind the scene approach to music with mixing and mastering services. Currently actively performing, you should definitely check out his full sets which are extremely captivating.

We got him to perform two tracks from his last album ‘HEROINe’  and a brand new track ‘Madras’ which we’ll be releasing today, (11/7) and next week Monday (14/7) and Wednesday (16/7). So check it out, our 5th featured artist for Season 9 and stay tuned for more upcoming episodes of The Wknd Sessions.

by Mark Joshua