The Wknd Mixtape #03 – Pradana / Rivers

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From Santa Theresia To Taman Melawati:

To kick off this selection, I had to think back to the stacks of cassettes stored in my dad’s Corolla’s dashboard compartment back in the late 80s when he would pick me up from preschool. These tapes were my informal introduction to music. Back then I wasn’t enjoying the music as much as I am now, but as I got older the music grew on me and partially shaped my musical tastes. The music stuck so much that half of this list occured to me as random flashbacks!

Born in Central Jakarta but raised in Kuala Lumpur by my Indonesian parents, I never knew what it was like growing up in my own hometown, so this might be my idea of what it could have been like to be young and wild in 80s Jakarta. Personal shouts out to Mas Benny as the unofficial nostalgia keeper and for uploading most of the tracks.

– Faiz Pradana


  • Nia Zulkarnaen – Penantian
  • Mus Mujiono – Tak Lagi Sendiri
  • Utha Likumahuwa – Bulan Merah
  • Malyda – Aku Jadi Bingung
  • Fariz RM – Jerit Jakarta
  • Niagara – Metro Jakarta ft. Yopie Latul
  • Odie Agam – Jatuh Cinta Sekali Lagi
  • Iwa K – Kuingin Kembali
  • Itang Yunasz – Gadis

The Wknd Mixtape is a bi-monthly series of mixtapes with tracks selected by either the Wknd team or outside contributors and put together by James Rivers.