Froya – Creature

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By Zim Ahmadi

Froya’s Creature flew under the radar when it came out in November 2021. The EP’s amalgamation of influences, built on an electronic backbone, makes it a worthwhile listen for fans of alternative pop and R&B stylings. The title track, in particular, defines Froya’s current sound and has now been given the music video treatment by director Brad Hogarth and dancer Lee Jia Xi.

Although it’s not as flashy and audacious as the other cuts on Creature, “Creature” the song is the carnal centre of Froya’s latest musical direction, its thumping soundscape existing somewhere at the intersection of natural and technological. The titular subject—which, in Froya’s words, is “not a being, and it’s not a perfect being either”—also seems to lie within this crux, as Froya laments paralysis in the face of decisions a “human” is expected to make.

“Creature” is a welcome change in Froya’s discography. The impeccably nocturnal soul that she’s always worn on her sleeve is as present as ever, but the subtler production embellishments and sharper philosophical and thematic edge impart a sense of courageous experimentation even as she dives deeper into cryptic expressions.

  • Country: Malaysia
  • Label: Self-released
  • Year: 2021/2022

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